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Is This YOU?:

“I can’t speak good English!  I learned English at school – but I just felt confused. I don’t want to learn difficult grammar rules. I don’t want to read boring books. I don’t want long explanations.  I just want to speak good English- now!”


I was just like you!

So I understand:

  • You want to improve your fast.
  • You want speaking to feel easy.
  • You need real English for your success in life (not for exams).

That’s why English Fast & Easy is a #2 national bestseller

3 Reasons People Love To Learn with English Fast & Easy

1-minute learning. Any time. Anywhere.

Save time. Learn fast

“Many people told me to read more, but I found that reading is too slow for me to learn. Now with English Fast & Easy, I learn phrases one-by-one so I save time. I could learn about 30 new phrases every day just traveling to work so this is the fastest way to learn for me.”

– Risa Kai, Japan

It’s crazy to learn long sentences! Who can remember them?

No one!

Learn short phrases that are easy to remember. One-by-one.

With pictures. Like this:


Easy to understand


Easy to remember


Easy to say

“This is the best book in the world. The pictures let me understand in a very simple style and then what I learn I can use immediately in my life. Everything is easy for me to remember.”

– Tarek Elkaseh, Libya

You don’t care about passing English tests. You care about having a successful life.

You need English to get a better job, to speak to your customers, to make new friends from other countries

  • at work and at home
  • with friends and family
  • on Instagram and Facebook
  • in restaurants and shopping malls
  • in meeting and conferences
  • on business trips and holidays

English Fast & Easy Ebooks

Useful Words

$3.99 / ebook

$8.99 bundle of 3 ebooks

Useful Idioms

$3.99 / ebook

$8.99 bundle of 3 ebooks

Useful Phrases

$3.99 / ebook

$8.99 bundle of 3 ebooks

English Fast & Easy Book Bundle

$19.99 bundle of 9 ebooks

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