Marianna Pascal

One of the top 50 TEDx speakers worldwide

I help pro­fes­sion­als to communicate 
confidently and powerfully in English

Need help to make sure you or the people in your organisation make a great impression? Let me help you reach your goals.

Marianna Pascal

Intercultural Communication Expert

Canadian former actor, Marianna Pascal has helped thousands of professionals worldwide to overcome the problem of poor confidence when communicating in English.

15 million people worldwide have already benefited from her unique approach to communication. Her approach is based on 25 years of helping multi-national organisations throughout Asia and understanding what really matters when it comes to speaking, writing and presenting.

In addition to training employees of multi-national companies throughout South-East Asia, Marianna is an award-winning speaker and bestselling author of 5 books.

Talk Show

The live event that will make you a confident English speaker in one day!

Stop wanting better English, and use what you’ve got. Whatever your English level, at Talk Show, you’ll walk away feeling supercharged by your power to use English.

“The other two presenters were professors and laureates in the field of linguistics. But, Marianna’s radically practical teaching methods produced results immediately! The students were enthusiastic and became very confident. Her approach is focussed on natural application and real life scenarios. Learning never felt so enjoyable. I can’t recommend her enough – she’s “amazing!”

Noel Esty Senior Manager – IYF Mexico English Camp

Interactive Keynotes

Get your audience up on their feet, laughing, learning and feeling inspired.

All keynotes help prepare organisations for the fast-changing needs of communication and customer relations. Marianna’s keynotes inspire through humour, stories and a lot of participation! A perfect way to liven up a serious conference.

“Marianna blew me away with her keynote presentation! I learned some amazing stuff about how to speak better when communicating with my international business colleagues.”

Lindsay Adams, CEO Teamocracy, Australia

Corporate Training

Fun, action-packed workshops that create lasting change in behaviour and mindset.

Marianna uses current, relevant case studies, stories, activities and lots of participation so that your employees speak, write and present better. Popular workshops solve problems caused by poor communication, such as misunderstandings and poor customer relations.

“Marianna is the consummate professional in designing and delivering the right program for her audience. She has a genuine commitment to help others grow. She demonstrates that through very personal and engaging post-training follow-ups with her participants. She takes great care to understand the needs, explore solutions and deliver great results.”

Koo Phaik Jin, Head of Talent & Organization Development UOB

CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

This prestigious title is awarded to only 15% of global speakers and trainers and identifies her proven track record of excellence.

Semi-finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking 2019

Best-Selling eBooks

1-minute learning. Any time. Anywhere.

Designed for your mobile, this best-selling book series, English Fast & Easy, makes it easy for professionals to learn the English they need most for work and everyday life. Over 100,000 copies sold in Malaysia and Singapore alone.

“Very easily understood, entertaining and engaging! I like the funny comics and lively conversations. Just can’t let it go once started reading. Highly recommended!”

Bin Yuen

Marianna Has Served These Companies



“Marianna’s training style and constant flow of uplifting energy is just inspirational!”

Carmen Chan, Learning and Development Executive, Allianz 

“Staff who attended Marianna’s training are more proactive and confident. They take more ownership for solving customer problems.”

Roshada Daud, Head of Training and Development, Pharmaniaga

“What transpired today will go a long way in positively shaping the culture in our school.”

Mr Amos Goh, School Staff Developer, Chung Cheng High School, Singapore

“Learning never felt so enjoyable. I’m sorry that we only had three days. I can’t recommend her enough – she’s amazing” 

Noel Esty Senior Manager, IYF Texas

“Marianna’s knowledge of clear and concise written communications helped us produce excellent results.”

Allan Lo, Regional Marketing Manager, Mega Labels 

“Our participants left much more confident in their ability to present and speak to their audiences!”

Hema Majumder HOD Learning, L’Oreal

 “Marianna is the consummate professional. She takes great care to understand the needs, explore solutions and deliver great results.” 

Koo Phaik Jin, Head of Talent & Organization Development Human Resources UOB


“I was glued to my seat and enjoyed your presentation.  Brilliant.”

Suhaimi Sulaiman, CEO, Astro

“Mar­i­anna sim­ply rocked the house!”

Nishant Kasibhatla, Guinness Record Holder, Grand Master of Memory

Ms. Pas­cal is a mas­ter of her craft and an elec­tri­fy­ing spokesper­son as well.

May Ling, University of Dallas, Texas 

“Marianna is one of my favorite speakers in the world. She is a born storyteller.” 

Fredrik Haren, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, 

“Her presentations are always well-prepared, customised, lively, interactive and content-rich, with very practical takeaways.”

Shirley Taylor, CEO, STTS Training

“Marianna was able to captivate her audience and effectively deliver the material. I highly recommend her work to any organization.”

Thomas Yang, Entrepreneur/Investor, New York

“She is clearly a master in her craft”  

Vandana Hari ,Head of HR Platts, McGraw Hill Financial

“Her approach is focussed on natural application and real life scenarios. She’s amazing!”

Noel Esty Senior Manager, IYF Texas

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