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Sim­ple Steps to Smooth Eng­lish How to Speak to Your Boss With Con­fi­dence How to Use Gram­mar the Right Way  Inspi­ra­tional Teach­ing Techniques

Sim­ple Steps to Smooth English

Speak­ing the Queen’s Eng­lish is not impor­tant. How­ever, your com­mand of the Eng­lish lan­guage does make an impres­sion every time you email your boss, phone a client or give a speech. Are you mak­ing the right impres­sion? This work­shop will ensure that you never make some glar­ing com­mon mis­takes again. And you’ll have lots of fun prac­tice, too!


  • Singlish, Mang­lish also can what, but see how!
  • 10 com­mon mis­takes you will never make again
  • 3 sim­ple gram­mar tips that will give your image a Wow!
  • 2 keys to great pronunciation

How to Speak to Your Boss With Confidence

Do you get ner­vous at the thought of hav­ing to speak to your boss? Do you  panic, caus­ing your brain to feel as though it has shut down? Do your words pour out in a dis­or­gan­ised dump of details? Or, do you become silent and avoid ask­ing the ques­tions you really need answered? These are com­mon sce­nar­ios — espe­cially when com­mu­ni­cat­ing in your sec­ond lan­guage! Fear no more.  In this ses­sion, you will learn key strate­gies to feel calm, con­fi­dent and clear-headed every time you talk to your boss.


  • How to express your­self clearly
  • How to ensure your boss understands
  • How to raise dif­fi­cult issues
  • How to know what your boss really wants

How to Use Gram­mar the Right Way

I’ve never met any­one who loves lean­ing gram­mar. But, let’s face it, many peo­ple notice and judge your gram­mar level every time you answer the phone, send an email or greet a vis­i­tor. What if you could learn gram­mar and have fun at the same time? Marianna’s unique method of teach­ing verb tenses makes it easy for any­one.  By the end of the ses­sion you will know when and how to use the gram­mar that impacts your job the most — and you will have lots of fun learning.


  • Very tenses made clear
  • Cor­rect­ing the top 10 mis­spelled words — and how to remem­ber them
  • Small words, big prob­lem? No more!
  • Are you’ or ‘Do you’ — and other com­monly con­fus­ing words

Inspi­ra­tional Teach­ing Techniques

Great teach­ing and train­ing is all about enabling learn­ers to dis­cover new things for them­selves. Whether you are teach­ing chil­dren or adults, and whether you are teach­ing sci­ence, eco­nom­ics or a new pro­ce­dure at work, your job is to do less — and guide them to do more. Cre­ate wildly enthu­si­as­tic learn­ers by learn­ing key tech­niques that bring your sub­ject to life, engage your learn­ers and help them to remem­ber every­thing the learn.


  • How to cre­ate incred­i­ble excite­ment in the topic
  • How to make them des­per­ately want to know more
  • How to ensure they remem­ber long-term
  • 10 things you must never do while teaching

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