Say It With Confidence Level 1

Speak Eng­lish With­out Fear (2 days)

Most non-native Eng­lish speak­ing staff admit that they avoid speak­ing Eng­lish at work. As a result, their com­pany suf­fers the most. Com­pa­nies lose sales, miss oppor­tu­ni­ties, waste time and money, and harm their rep­u­ta­tion because of staff with poor con­fi­dence and fear of speak­ing English.

say it with confidence 1

This pop­u­lar and pow­er­ful work­shop gives par­tic­i­pants the skills they need to speak Eng­lish effec­tively and moti­vates them use Eng­lish confidently.

Par­tic­i­pants get lots of hands-on prac­tice role-playing com­mon sce­nar­ios with cus­tomers, col­leagues, supe­ri­ors and sup­pli­ers. They learn sim­ple skills to great communication.

By the end of the work­shop, with new skills, par­tic­i­pants feel highly moti­vated to speak Eng­lish at work.

Who Needs to Attend

Low and Pre-intermediate level speak­ers who feel shy and uncom­fort­able using English


  1. Ask and answer questions
  2. Express opin­ions at meetings
  3. Clar­ify information
  4. Explain com­plex ideas
  5. Lis­ten effectively
  6. Give instructions
  7. Han­dle complaints
  8. Speak pro­fes­sion­ally on the phone
  9. Negotiate
  10. Write clear emails

Work­shop High­lights

What is a Good Com­mu­ni­ca­tor?

  • How to have confidence
  • Be clear, not correct!
  • The 3 keys to com­mu­ni­cat­ing well in English
  • Giv­ing Directions

Social Eng­lish

  • Meet­ing new people
  • Enter­tain­ing clients
  • Intro­duc­ing and small talk
  • Pro­gress­ing a conversation

Talk­ing About Your Com­pany

  • Describ­ing what you do
  • Describ­ing process and materials
  • Describ­ing cus­tomer options
  • Han­dling complaints

Speak­ing at Meet­ings

  • Giv­ing opinions
  • Dis­agree­ing tactfully
  • Pre­sent­ing information
  • Speak­ing to superiors


  • Ensur­ing understanding
  • Speak­ing clearly 
  • Explain­ing clearly
  • Describ­ing a process
  • Giv­ing clear instructions

Plan­ning & Nego­ti­at­ing

  • Mak­ing suggestions
  • Accept­ing ideas
  • Negotiating
  • Giv­ing conditions

Tele­phone Skills

  • Basic phone courtesy
  • Mak­ing appointments
  • Break­ing appointments
  • Solv­ing problems

Email Skills

  • Clear, con­sise and sim­ple writing
  • Email courtesy
  • Orga­niz­ing ideas
  • Grammar


This work­shop is highly inter­ac­tive with active par­tic­i­pant prac­tice through­out. Par­tic­i­pants will share expe­ri­ence, role play, and ben­e­fit from pair and group activ­i­ties. Par­tic­i­pants will also receive a com­pre­hen­sive work­book and prizes along the way, includ­ing copies of Marianna’s best-selling Eng­lish Fast & Easy books.

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