Present Yourself Powerfully

How to Build Rap­port and Get Buy-In with Any Pre­sen­ta­tion (2 days)

“If you want to sell any­thing, sell your­self first.” — Burt Lan­caster

Present yourself powerfully

Some peo­ple just exude con­fi­dence. When they walk into a room, every­one notices their pow­er­ful pres­ence by the way they move, ges­ture, talk and the way they treat oth­ers. This con­fi­dence is absolutely vital in today’s com­pet­i­tive work­force. So, whether you’re meet­ing a new client or pre­sent­ing to poten­tial stake­hold­ers, you need to cre­ate instant rap­port with poise and charisma.

In this hugely effec­tive work­shop, you get ample prac­tice to present. All pre­sen­ta­tions are video-recorded so that you can see how you come across and observe your improve­ment. You will learn how to make your mes­sage clear and com­pelling, improve your con­fi­dence and instill con­fi­dence and trust in any audi­ence. With exten­sive group work, you dis­cover how to present your­self for success.

By the end of the work­shop you will be able to increase your influ­ence and get imme­di­ate results with pow­er­ful pre­sen­ta­tion skills.

Who Needs To Attend

Any­one seri­ous about achiev­ing bet­ter results in their presentations


  1. Under­stand how peo­ple see you
  2. Enhance the impres­sion you make
  3. Walk, talk and present your­self like a success
  4. Win peo­ple over in 30 seconds
  5. Deliver your mes­sage nat­u­rally and effectively
  6. Develop a an effec­tive pre­sen­ta­tion every time
  7. Grab and hold your audience’s full attention
  8. Learn skills that made Steve Jobs a world-class presenter
  9. Han­dle chal­leng­ing ques­tions gracefully
  10. Feel con­fi­dent and fear­less before you

Work­shop High­lights

How suc­cess­ful com­mu­ni­ca­tors behave?

  • What impres­sion are you creating?
  • 5 impres­sion markers
  • How win­ners communicate
  • Cre­at­ing instant rap­port with anyone
Pow­er­ful body language

  • How to add value to your smile
  • The power of posture
  • What your eyes say
  • Hands — your best visual aid

Find­ing your win­ning voice

  • 3 bad vocal habits to avoid forever
  • How to make your voice interesting
  • 2 keys to clear pronunciation
  • Vari­ety — the spice of voice

Pre­sen­ta­tions Steve Jobs’ style

  • What’s your story?
  • Organ­is­ing your mate­r­ial effectively
  • Link­ing and tran­si­tions: the key to flow
  • Your one key message

Secrets of great pre­sen­ters

  • Sen­sa­tional slides
  • Mak­ing num­bers memorable
  • How to involve your audience
  • How to answer chal­leng­ing questions


This work­shop is highly inter­ac­tive with active par­tic­i­pant prac­tice through­out. Par­tic­i­pants’ pre­sen­ta­tions are video-recorded through­out enabling them to gauge their progress. Par­tic­i­pants will share expe­ri­ence, role play, and ben­e­fit from pair and group activ­i­ties. Par­tic­i­pants will also receive a com­pre­hen­sive work­book and prizes along the way, includ­ing copies of Marianna’s best-selling Eng­lish Fast & Easy books.

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